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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Partners (BHCPP)?

A partnership comprising of Harridge Development Group, Atlas Development Group, Access Industries, Inc. and SilverPeak.

When will the project start?

Adding to and enhancing the retail experience of the mall begins right away. In addition, construction of new housing will likely begin in 15-17 months, depending on many factors. The mall and the grocery store will be open and operating during the entire development period.

What are the development plans for the property?

BHCPP has embraced a development plan that was studied for years in the community and went through an extensive process to arrive at its current form. Using this community template, the development team will focus on bringing responsible design to the area that acknowledges additional community input and honors the extraordinary work the community contributed to define the current entitlements.

Who approves and oversees the Project?

The development team is following the Development Agreement and related project approvals that were approved by the City Planning Commission and Los Angeles City Council in 2018 and 2019. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) will oversee the construction of the project.

What is the Project?

The approved plan includes 1,234,500 square feet of residential uses, comprising 961 total units, of which 551 are for-sale and 410 are for-rent. This is combined with additional commercial square footage, including new retail and restaurant space.

Will affordable housing be a part of the project design?

Yes. All of the requirements of the current approved entitlements for affordable housing will be followed. Ten percent (10%) of for-sale housing will be dedicated to workforce income residents. Ten percent (10%) of rental for-rent housing will be broken down as follows in the following ways: 5% of for-rent rental housing will be dedicated to very low-income residents, and 5% of for-rent rental housing will be available for dedicated to low income residents. The development team will continue looking for ways to provide support for working families within the community and to ensure equal and fair access.

Will the existing tenants currently in the mall be retained?

We are working to retain the best tenant roster possible especially long-standing local tenants. The Covid-19 pandemic has effected certain tenants' businesses and we cannot ensure that all tenants will choose to stay at the property.

How can the community take part in the process?

The development team plans to implement an outreach program to inform the community about the project and opportunities for community input. Check the website frequently for updates .

What are some of the community benefits?

Some of the public benefits are local hiring for the construction and operation, contracting with minority-owned, women-owned small businesses, youth workforce development with local community organizations and the development team will construct a job training center within the project site.

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